Timewarp 2010 – Watch Me Mommy


It's amazing looking back through old posts and finding words that I still need to hear and remember. Today I was taking a look back four years ago at posts from summer 2010 - August 25th to be exact. At that point my littlest guys were 4 1/2. I now understand even more than ever that kids never outgrow the need to be recognized and loved. This is such a simple and short post but the reminder is poignant and applies to all our lives in motherhood, no matter where we are at in the process. Watch ... [ Read More ]

Simply Said with Shera


As any regular reader here at A Frog In My Soup knows, I love DIY projects. The one area I have yet to truly conquer is finding a way to create vinyl wall art and other lettering for the various decorations I have been wanting throughout my home, especially not without investing in expensive equipment. A year and a half after moving into our "new" house and my walls are ALL still completely bare! {GASP!!} Recently, one particular company keeps jumping in front of me through various sources, ... [ Read More ]

Conquering Summer Boredom


I know If there's any time I am likely to hear the dreaded "B" word it's during the summer months, and I know I'm not alone. There's not many things that can make a parent's skin crawl more easily than hearing their child whine "I'm BORED". With my kids, it's expressed more in behavior, they have learned not to say it because when they do I tend to give them jobs to do. Keeping them out of a state of boredom is ideal, since... well, who knows what they will get themselves into otherwise. Plan ... [ Read More ]

Banana Boat – For Men! #BBBestSummer #MC #Sponsored


Whenever my husband has dry skin, chapped lips, or the need for any other "girly" products, he comes to me.  He will steal my lotion, use my chapstick, borrow my hair product, and then go on to complain about how it smells bad - too flowery, too sweet, too "girl-ish".  When he needs face wash or sunscreen or anything else that resides in the skin care aisle of the grocery store, it's my job to buy it because "I know better".  Well, here's what I know... Honey, no need to steal my sunscreen ... [ Read More ]

I’m a Banana Boat Ambassador! #BBBestSummer


I am so excited to announce that I am an official Banana Boat Best Summer Ever Ambassador!  That means, that over the next few months you will get to hear all about our summer adventures and how Banana Boat is protecting our family. I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Banana Boat® Sun Care. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating. There are so many fun activities that we get to ... [ Read More ]

When Plans Fail

A Woman walking along the beach

Most of us make plans in life. We have ideas and plans and hopes for ourselves and our children long before they could even begin to form in reality. Plans are a great thing, they keep us focused and active and even encouraged and hopeful. But what happens when all our plans fall apart? What happens when suddenly nothing seems to be going according to plan? What happens when the world seems to turn upside down, and we are left with empty dreams and plans that cannot possibly come to ... [ Read More ]

An Active Summer


Like most parents, the balance of keeping my kids active and not always in front of media or technology is a battle every summer. Establishing a good schedule with them and a routine of fun outdoor activities is always fun, but there are ways you can take it even further, especially for those teenagers who are a little more begrudging about leaving technology behind and setting foot out in that bright sunshine (I swear they look like cave bats coming out into the sun - "it burns mom!" ... [ Read More ]

Milk-Bone Brushing Chews – What Every Dog Owner Needs!


Remember this cute guy?  Adorable, right?  If I sit down, he is immediately on my lap.  If I lay down, he wants under the covers.  He lets my 4 year old daughter dress him up, put him on a leash and walk him around the house, and squeeze, cuddle and kiss him all she wants.  (Sounds great, right?)  Unfortunately, despite being a measly 10 pounds, his breath could take down a full grown man.  Seriously.  I would imagine that the tartar build up on his teeth has a lot to do with ... [ Read More ]

What Could have Been


All too often I punish myself for the multitude of things I feel I have done wrong, or could have done differently, or.... you get the idea. It's a vicious and deep trap that we can so easily fall into where we mercilessly drag ourselves and our lives down in to the pit of repeatedly wondering "what if". I cannot live a life of could haves or should haves. I have decided that I simply cannot sit around, and wait and wonder what could have been. Why do we do that to ourselves? If we could find ... [ Read More ]