Pregnancy – 22 Weeks

Tuesday November 8, 2005 – 22 Weeks

Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve written so I thought I’d do a quick update. I had an OB visit Thursday – November 3rd – and all is well. I gained 8 lbs this month though (AAAAAAH!) so I’ll have to be conscious of how I’m eating. I have to say there’s not a lot of extra eating going on and if anything there’s less sweets around. I’m still under 25 lbs weight gain though. I think I’m measuring around 30cm but she didn’t tell me when she measured, that’s based on my own measurement. My blood pressure was great and the babies sound great. We spoke for a few minutes about tubal ligation and I found out that according to all of the studies and research she has read about it actually reduces your risk of ovarian cancer, so I think I’ll do it if I have a c-section. The odds of conception after a tubal are still way too high, so hubby would still have to get a vasectomy (poor thing) and I won’t get my tubes tied unless I have a c-section. My risk for having a c-section and preterm labor (& birth) are far greater this time but we’ll see!

Well, that’s about it – my next ultrasound is next Tues – Nov 15th and my next OB appt. is Beginning of December (I’ll have the sugar test done that day too).