Pregnancy – 25 Weeks

Friday – November 25, 2005 – 25 Weeks Pregnant

I find that time still passes very quickly. In fact if anything it seems to be passing even more quickly as I get further into the pregnancy. We try to keep a low key routine each week as the kids go through school life and I try to teach a stubborn 2 year old how to be nice.

My last ultrasound was on the 15th and everything seemed to be fine. I don’t have the report from my doctor, but hope to soon. My next OB appointment is beginning of December and I will have a better update then.

I find that heavy fatigue has returned and have no idea how much more tired I will get over the next few months. I also find myself quickly approaching the size I was at 9 mos of pregnancy. When in public I am asked things like “Are we having a Christmas baby?” or “You must be due in what, a week?”. Therefore I find I do NOT want to go out in public any more than necessary and will probably begin completely avoiding it soon!

I actually find myself thinking “what does 12 months pregnant look like?” Silly but true. The burning (searing!) pain that I commonly get the last 2 months of pregnancy (the muscles and nerves just under the breast bone) is here with a vengeance. I am always hungry, but cannot eat a lot at any meal. The babies are quite active usually but I do find that “Baby B” (Eli?) tends to be a bit quieter than I love sometimes. Maybe it’s just personality . . . we’ll see.