Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

We had a summer’s worth of fun yesterday at our State Fair and the boys really had fun, so today it is “down to business” getting all the final details taken care of in preparation for the first day of school tomorrow!

There are rooms to be tidied, clothes to be checked and laid out, another check to be sure that all supplies are accounted for, hair to be trimmed and lunches to be packed. There are even teachers to met, classrooms to observe and desks to set up later today at their school.

This is our oldest son’s last year in Elementary School and it is only because our district keeps 6th graders in Elem. that he’s still there ~ something I am daily thankful for. Know any 6th graders? If you do you understand that they are still far more child than teen, so going up into Middle School or Jr. High can be too overwhelming just yet. I’m honestly ok with him moving up next year, the timing seems far more reasonable for all of the kiddos I know that are his age!

I still have three at home, and I’m home-preschooling our 4 year old. He will go to regular preschool next year to prepare for kindergarten which he will start when he is 6. I can only hope it will go well since he is a bit of a challenge for me.

The tackling does not end today. Tomorrow is the first day of school and trying to get the boys on a school year morning schedule again. Football practice and soccer practice continue as usual still and games begin next weekend! And the end of the week holds quite a bit of catch up for me as I need to get more designs up at Sweet ‘n Simple Design and more products at Snuggy Bugz (I’m so excited about some new shoes and booties designs and some great diaper clutches)!

So there you have it, my tackle list for the week.