This Week – Getting Ready for the Holidays

I truly hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend!!! What a great holiday! Reminding us of the blessings of being thankful for all we are given in life instead of all the things we don’t have! A much better focus for sure!

I’m looking forward to the continuation of the rest of the holiday season, but I have to be honest and admit that there is just the slightest bit of anxiety mixed in. Why? Well, my blog is probably one of the only organized things in my life. That may sound crazy, but it is true. I like to have a clean pleasant home for the winter season, but the effort involved in getting even close to that is truly overwhelming.

Sure it is due in part to the sheer number of people living in our tiny home and all the stuff that generates just by itself is amazing! But I think that the bigger problem actually lies in the fact that we never have been able to catch up from all of the chaos created during the first few months after the twins were born (2 years ago this February 1st). I could go on and on with all the reasons why, but suffice it to say I am done with the mess.

I am ready to (almost literally) take a huge shovel to the bedrooms and just toss. Hubby has even asked me if I have any idea how much it would be to get a dumpster out here for a week LOL. He was serious by the way! A few of our children have become pack rats – mainly our oldest, but Tater is a little bit of one too.

So the tackling begins. My plan is this . . . as I am able to I am going to focus on one area in a room per day. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but little by little, day by day I will be whittling away at the messes, clutter, chaos and garbage in our home and our lives! That is worth something!

I am running into a little bit of a roadblock already in my grand plan though . . . . twin terror. Oh, I love them more than I can express and they can be the sweetest, cutest, most loving, entertaining and adorable little people you have ever laid eyes on! BUT . . . . they are terrorizing the house and subsequently my nerves! Here’s just a little glimpse into the thought process of our 21 month old twin boys!

  • Bookcases that go to the ceiling must be climbed. But you must move fast to get to the top because mom will catch us and we will be dragged down at least 10 times each day (keep in mind that these almost reach the ceiling and I catch them at the top level daily).
  • Toys are really not fun, but the electronics cabinet is the best fun ever!
  • Anything that gets your feet off the ground is best used in whatever manner necessary to help you reach anything on top of the fireplace . . . cuz it is a well known fact that mom and dad keep all the good stuff up there.
  • Play telephones are great but the real ones are even better, they send everyone running as you make a phone call to China!
  • Twin minds must come together and unite in thinking of a solution to any boundary . . . especially that crazy gate that bars us from the kitchen and all the fun we could have in there undoing the laundry piles, getting into the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, resetting everything on the washer and dryer and best of all playing in the bathroom where the lovely round chair that holds water is located.
  • Top bunks are the best place to be, especially if you can turn the room’s light on and off incessantly in the short time before you are caught.
  • Cribs are really not to be stayed in! Just another boundary testing the limits of our ability to climb in and out (incidentally, they are quite capable of climbing out and do so often, but not in . . . hmmmmm).
  • Cd’s and DVDs are just fun round disc meant to be thrown about like frisbees and then smashed into a million peices.
  • Shoes of any size must be worn throughout the day (never ones that match of course), but socks must never stay on our feet . . . EVER!
  • Dirt that mom is sweeping up is supposed to be played in, walked through and spread back throughout the room.

So, my grand plan may remain only that for the moment, but I will attempt it at any given chance and pray that the terrible twosome who started their version of the terrible twos at 18 months will get over said terrible twos by two and a half (please, please, please). The only way dinner gets made each night is with their 12 and 9 year old brothers attending to the twinkies the whole time. Oh, and naptime was another thought, but they are being quite inconsistent in their sleep right now. At least they are healthy!!!!!!!

Well, I must go give them a bath now as they have just covered themselves in oatmeal . . . the day is underway – full swing!


  1. 1

    forgetfulone says

    I remember when my twins were that age! It’s hard to keep up. Mine are 11 now! But I have grand-twins (boys) who are 8 weeks old.

  2. 2

    Wendy says

    My little two-year-old man is the same way! I was nodding right along with your entire list. And I’m afraid his already-crawling 5 1/2 month old sister is right behind…yikes!

    Thank you for confirming for me that I’m not the only one that hasn’t been able to get a grip on the house, despite all my best laid plans. I really thought it was just me!

  3. 4

    Holly says

    I love reading your blog and realizing I am not the only one!! I swear by and then I pray a lot. I feel like I run the kids all day and my 5 year old is completely hyperactive. I keep plugging away, started swimming everyday while she is in school (her K is 3 hours a day) and hope I can get it all under control when she is in 1st grade!!
    good luck!!

  4. 5

    Mommy the Maid says

    I only have two girls at the moment with a baby on the way. I love reading this blog and WILL be back for more.

    These two things were going on all day in my house today with my 2 1/2 year old:

    Shoes of any size must be worn throughout the day (never ones that match of course), but socks must never stay on our feet . . . EVER!
    Dirt that mom is sweeping up is supposed to be played in, walked through and spread back throughout the room.

    Lucikly, the bookcases were put behind closed doors and I didn’t deal with those today.

  5. 6

    COMamabear says

    Oh, my – what fun I have to look forward to! Our twinkies are 13.5 mos now and only one is walking, though his big bro is close. Yikes!!

    Thanks for the laugh!!