Lollipop Book Club – Review and Giveaway

The Lollipop Book Club is a gift company specializing in a monthly gift of books for children. On the first of each month, a book is mailed to the child along with a really cute, handcrafted lollipop. The first lollipop matches the occasion with a birthday or holiday theme. Each subsequent lollipop is a unique and whimsical creation that children adore. A personal note from the gift-giver is also included with each book. The note is printed on a sticker that can be placed on the inside book cover.

They offer 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month packages in both hardcover and paperback formats.

We have organized our packages according to age and theme to make the selection process easy for our customers. Single hardcover books are also available to purchase as gifts. In addition, we offer Caldecott and Newberry Medal books, and books to help kids cope with challenges such as moving, death, bullying, adoption, and many others.

Every month we expand upon the books we offer. It is a time-consuming process because of our highly-selective nature in choosing the books. We seek out only those books that have received strong reviews from critics and readers. The research and work involved is worth it because our customers can be assured that every book is a winner. In essence, we have done all of the shopping already and our customers just have to pick the most suitable package for their child.

I received one of their great book packages and boy is it fun! Complete with an award winning book and three lollipops to appease the masses, this was absolutely a hit and the book is FABULOUS! The lollipops aren’t your average sucker either … nope, they are very fun old fashioned style lollipops with super fun animals and bugs on them! Almost too cute to eat!!!! I honestly think it would be an AMAZING gift …. Christmas anyone?

I asked Karen, owner of Lollipop Book Club, what inspired her to start this wonderful business:

I have three children and witnessed how quickly the toys accumulated, many of them sitting on shelves and hardly ever touched. For this reason, I always prefer to give them books, and though they like to read, the books were not the most popular present in the pile. So I started to find ways to make giving books more fun. Sometimes I send them on scavenger hunts to find the book. Or I give the book the night before the celebration so that it stands out in its own right.

This led me to think about how to give books more creatively as birthday presents for other children. Whenever my children were invited to birthday parties, I would mail the book ahead of time with a little treat. I received tremendous feedback from the parents, and this became my inspiration for starting The Lollipop Book Club.

There are several reasons why The Lollipop Book Club makes a great gift:

  • Kids love to get packages in the mail.
  • The gift is personalized with a note on sticker so that the child always remembers who sent it.
  • The gift is delivered over a period of several months, creating an extended gift experience for the child.
  • The gift is perfect for hard-to-buy-for children (i.e. nieces, nephews, friends’ kids etc.) when you don’t know what they have or need already. A kid can always use a new book.
  • For grandparents who do not live close to their grandchildren, The Lollipop Book Club is an excellent way to stay in touch.
  • A single book gift makes a great present for birthday parties when you don’t want to just give another toy.
  • If a customer wants to send a gift to two children close in age in the same home, they can order one book package and then just add extra lollipops to their order.

Their best sellers are the Books for Girls and Books for Boys packages as well as the products in the 8 to 12 category.

Karen has offered all of you two discounts to take advantage of … a $3 discount off of any Single Hardcover Book gift order (promo code: sale3off) and $10 discount off of any 12-Month package (promo code: sale10off).

She has also offered one lucky reader the opportunity to choose a single hardcover gift book with lollipop! To enter, go to Lollipop Gift Club and take a look around. Come back here and tell me what you love about this idea and what book you would choose from the page linked to above. This contest ends on November 14th and is open only for shipping to USA addresses.


  1. 1


    OH Please pick me! I would love to have The Firetruck! My son loves trucks! He’s a two year old curious little thing and I would love to have this to read to him :) Please enter me.

    Sorry I forgot to tell you what I loved. I love the suckers, and that there are still people out there that write good children

  2. 2


    I can’t think of a better gift then giving the gift of learning to find a wonderful escape in a book!

    My favorite book was Fancy Nancy!

  3. 3


    I love that this concept combines lollipops and books. I would love to get both of those together and I am not even a kid!!! Every time I would decide on my favorite book, I would scroll a little further and find another one. I think that I have finally decided on Bad Kitty, but it could change at any moment. 😉

    Jennifers last blog post..Cats and Daylight Savings Time…

  4. 4


    This is such a terrific idea! My boys just love to get things in the mail, and books are their absolute favorite. We have to read several every night, and they don’t mind reading their favorites over and over again. In looking at the great selection on the site, I thought they’d love The Secret Shortcut!

    Susan M. Heims last blog post..Book Review: Faith & Doubt, by John Ortberg

  5. 5


    I like the concept of the Book Club for children Children who enjoy reading have a head start in school. I like the book #155 Come Along, Daisy for little ones

    Nancy J.s last blog post..

  6. 6


    I would pick Where is the Green Sheep? I love this idea because it seems to make books more exciting. Yes, I get excited over books coming in the mail, but if they came with candy, well, wouldn’t that just be the best day of the month! LOL
    hematopoiesis at hotmail dot com

  7. 7


    I think this is a great idea! My son loves to be read to, but he sometimes gets bored in the middle of a story. How neat to add the lollipop to help them sit still while you read to them. The downside is that a younger child, like mine, would then associate reading with candy instead of just the enjoyment. Thanks for the chance to win!
    P.S. I’m giving away two Bath and Body Works prizes on my blog. Stop by and throw your name in the hat to win! :)

    Angelas last blog post..Happy Anniversary!

  8. 9


    I absolutely love this idea. I think it’s a great way to not only encourage your kids to read, but it’s also such a fun thing for your child to look forward to. I know my girls get excited beyond belief on the occassion they get their very own piece of mail. So, I know they would go gaga if I signed them up. I don’t really have the extra money right now, but this is most definitely going on the list of things to consider when I have that extra cash. Thanks so much for the link and for the intro to this fabulous site.

    That said, I’d love love love to enter your giveaway. If I won I’d probably get the Hurty Feelings book. My 5 year old loves hippos, and this would be a cute one for her. Plus she’s at that age where she could certainly benefit from the lesson of not getting your feelings hurt over every little thing. KWIM?



    RebekahCs last blog post..Animal Babies by Jennifer Schofield

  9. 10

    Andrea says

    What a great idea this is! My children love books but dislike receiving them as gifts. I think this would make it more fun for children to receive because who doesn’t like lollipops?

    I would choose The Egg for my book choice because my boys like dragons.

  10. 11

    Janelle says

    Like Karen, I also believe books make the best presents. Combining that with a special lollipop (one you’d never find in a normal store) and sending it through the mail makes this a very memorable and unusual gift for any child.

    I’d choose #163 Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball. My preschool age daughter would be able to enjoy the neato lollipop, and I’d be able to read this one to both her and her baby brother at bedtime. Never can have enough bedtime books.

  11. 17

    charline s says

    Wow thst is one great site, I am always tryign to find more ways to get my boys to read. I love the fact that it has books for all age groups and has books boys would like to read also.

    If I won I would chose the book called, The Perfect Pet for the boys.

  12. 19

    sito says

    What a good idea! Kids love to get mail and those who maybe aren’t keen on books would get inspired by having them sent directly to them with a sweet candy incentive. If they do like books, well, this will only increase their enthusiasm. I would choose Bad Kitty.

  13. 20

    Sonya Sparks says

    I think Gracie would like the Perfect Pet. I think it is a great idea because Gracie loves to get stuff in the mail. Thanks!

  14. 22

    Estelle says

    This is a great idea. I know my children love getting things in the mail, and I can imagine how excited they’d be every month getting their very own book. I think that excitement can encourage children to read more.
    If I won I’d choose Rumble in the Jungle for my 3 year old son. He loves stories that rhyme and animals so this book is perfect for him.

  15. 23


    This site is perfect and would be so much fun to send your kids books. I think it’s neat they send lollipop’s with the books. It was so hard deciding between my son and daughter for a book. I’m going to go with Bad Kitty for my son.

    Shilo Beedys last blog post..Contest

  16. 24

    Lisa says

    This is such a cute idea! I love how kids can get a book and a little treat as well. I would choose One Dark Night.

  17. 25

    Lisa L. says

    Great concept. Like Dolly Parton’s book giveaway that started in Sevierville TN and it would be great for my niece ;o)

  18. 26

    Renee says

    Having it come in the mail with a treat makes a new book even more exciting! I would choose Excuse Me because it sounds right in line with my 4-year-old’s sense of humor.

  19. 28

    Adrienne Gordon says

    my son loves animals, so The Perfect Pet as my book.greta idea for encouraging reading.

  20. 29

    MRS.MOMMYY says

    the little princess or sleepy bears…these are a great idea- would proably pick something for the older so they get something or they can read to the younger

  21. 32

    Cindi says

    I love the whole idea of the hardback book and lollipop gift! The handcrafted lollipops are adorable in themselves. The book I would choose for my nephew is “The Night I Followed the Dog!”
    He adores his two dogs and I like how you see the dog’s world from a human being’s perspective. Please enter me in this delightful drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi :smile:

  22. 33

    Kathy Scott says

    I have taught my children the love of reading, and now they are breaking the bank. We would love sleepy bears.

  23. 35

    Mia J. says

    It is always fun for a child to get their own package in the mail and reading is an important part of our day in our home so this would be a perfect present. I think my daughter would love Fancy Nancy.

  24. 36

    beth shepherd says

    Thank you for having this. This is such a fantastic thing! I think all 3 of my children would love this. I like the What If You Met a Pirate? for my son. He loves pirates and ships so this would be perfect for him. Thank you!

  25. 38

    Veronica L. says

    There are so many great books to choose from that it was really hard. my son who is in preschool loves to read and I am glad to know that I am giving him a head start before Kindergarten starts. I particularly love the sleepy time bears book. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  26. 39

    Jenn S. says

    Ella Enchanted is my favorite book.

    I like the fact that it is a mail club and that it promotes reading and an excitement about reading.. My kids LOVE getting mail. They would be so excited to get a book just for them each month.

  27. 42

    Courtney S says

    This is such a great idea. My kids all love to read so it’s something that they would love to have. My fave would be Kermit the Hermit for my son.

  28. 43

    Thomas Gibson says

    Talk about an incentitive program. Read a line and take a lick.

    The Bad kitty book is my pick, cause I got a few of those around the house.

  29. 44

    Lori Walker says

    The “I Love Trucks” is so cute! I love the idea of book clubs like this b/c you never have to worry about sending gifts… it’s all taken care of for you! By the time you buy something and ship it, you’ve spent more time and money than if you just let the club do it for you!

  30. 45

    Kate says

    What a great selection of books, and what kids doesn’t love getting special things in the mail. Great idea. I would pick #168 Bad Kitty for my son since he LOVES to tattle on our kitties when they are being bad LOL

  31. 47

    Amanda Caruthers says

    I think reading from a young age is so important. For older kids you could even give the lollipop as a reward when the book is finished. My daughter said she would like to have The Egypt Game.

  32. 48

    M.A. says

    I love the sweet lollipop idea of surprising someone of any age with a great read! As a matter of fact, I’d really enjoy choosing THE LITTLE PRINCE as a gift for my husband!

  33. 49

    Kirsten says

    I believe in sharing my love of reading and often give books as gifts. This is a great idea. I would choose So Sleepy Story as my granddaughter is having “issues” with nighttime!

  34. 54

    Susan Ledet says

    What a clever idea! I would pick “Olivia Helps With Christmas” for my God daughter who loves to read (and get her own mail too.)

  35. 56

    Lindsay says

    Honestly I love when my son gets a book as a gift over a toy, this is a wonderful idea! I can just see my son getting excited over mail

  36. 57

    Deidre says

    What a sweet idea, literally! My kids love getting mail, so this would make them feel extra special.

    I choose the book The Egypt Game, one of my favorites.

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  37. 58

    Marie says

    This is really neat idea and I love to give books rather then toys — they get more use, especially in our family.

    My kids would love The Great Fuzz Frenzy!

  38. 59


    I love the idea of a child getting a gift in the mail and getting excited over it! A book is a great gift, one that keeps on giving everytime you read it. I love the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" – I read that book when I was younger and I would love for our kids to read and love it as well!

    Tarahs last blog post..Roasted-Pepper-Pasta-Stuffed Peppers

  39. 61

    Jennifer Schoonover says

    I love this idea because it would make such a unique gift, especially for a child that lives to far away to give them the gift in person, and with the 12 month subscription they will be thinking about you all year so you are sure to be their favorite aunt.

    I would chose the book even firefighters hug their moms for my son who wants to be fire fighter just like his daddy but recently told me that I can’t kiss him in public because it was embarrassing.

  40. 65

    Erma Hurtt says

    I would pick Where is the Green Sheep? I love this idea because it seems to make books more exciting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. 66

    Terra Heck says

    I most like that it’s a book. I think books are great gifts. I also like that it comes with a sticker to indicate of who it’s from. And a lollipop is an added bonus. If I won, I’d choose Ellen Tebbits for my daughter.

  42. 67

    Laura G says

    we are known as the book aunt and uncle because all our nieces and nephews know they will be getting books from us for birthdays, Christmas, etc. love that these are books REALLY geared toward the intended age groups – you can’t find that at WalMart, lol. My pick would be #172 The Egg

  43. 68

    Crystal F says

    I like that they have the books seperated into age and gender groups. I would have to go with Fancy Nancy for my youngest daughter. Thank you!

  44. 71


    I think that it is true that children love to get their own packages and it may help them to be more curious about reading.
    I would choose How Murray saved Christmas for my son, who already loves to read!

    Carolyn D.s last blog post..More Bailouts?

  45. 72


    I have a 17 month old and I could imagine her getting excited on having a special surprise gift monthly..With a tasty treat if Daddy doesnt steal it :smile: …The suckers look fantastic.. With Christmas around the corner “Mouse’s First Christmas would be my choice. Hope we win!

  46. 73

    Sherri B. says

    This is a fantastic idea!!! I really think that children don’t read enough anymore. With all the high tech games and toys available, the pleasure found by reading a book seems to be gone now. Such a shame!!! If chosen, I would pick The Paper Bag Princess for the princess in my life…who by the way, loves books!!!!

  47. 74

    sue neese says

    I think perfect pet would be great for my 3 year old. and the lollipop won’t hurt neither, it’s just an incentive to get them worked up to read. THANKS !!!!!!!

  48. 75

    holly kendall says

    My daughter loves books. How nice it would be for her to get one of these great books. It was very hard to decide. But I think I would pick The Blue Ribbon Day. I never knew Katie Couric had a children’s book. What a nice message in this. I think it would perfect for my daughter who is trying to find the star in her. Thank you so much.

  49. 76

    Renee G says

    I love the idea that this is a sweet treat that lasts a short time with a book they can read forever. I especially like the fact that they offer books for older readers as well. I’d love to get the Mouse and the Motorcycle for my son.

  50. 77

    Veronica Garrett says

    I think it is a great idea to get children interested in reading. I would love to win Because of Winn-Dixie for my granddaughter. 😆

  51. 78

    Kelly F says

    I think it is great that the books are grouped by age. I often find myself trying to figure out whether or not a book is right for the age my child is at. It is sometimes nice to have someone help you out in that regard.

  52. 79

    Charlene Kuser says

    I would pick On My Honor for my son.He loves
    reading.Thanks for the awesome contest.The
    Lollipop touch is nice!

  53. 80

    Beth C. says

    As the mom of 6 kids, half of whom are just 2-years old, I LOVE this. Reading is such a great time for bonding while being still and quiet. All of my children get excited when something arrives in the mail thats just for them. What a simple way to put a smile on a little ones face. Where is the Green Sheep looks fun to read!

  54. 83

    Steph says

    I think the idea is great. Very unique. Kids who already enjoy reading will get a special treat with their books and kids who arent into reading as much might have their interest peaked. The book I would choose is: Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funk.

  55. 87

    Catherine KingChuparkoff says

    I would love the book Bedhead especially for my little “Shirley Temple-curled” 4 year old. A really fantastic idea.

  56. 88


    My daughter is a reluctant reader, and with a lollipop in hand, I just might get her to spend an afternoon with a book! Lol! I would choose “Number the Stars”

    Tammys last blog post..Mall Of America

  57. 89

    Brandy says

    This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen, as far as gifts for kids go! I completely agree that getting a card/letter/package in the mail is exciting for kids- hey, even I get excited about it :) One of my favorite books listed is The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales. Thanks!!

  58. 90

    amy says

    My son would love the firetruck book.His dad is a fireman.he would love to get to read it with his dad.

    amy :smile:

  59. 91

    Samantha Pruitt says

    definitely Harriet the Spy, that’s such a great show! I love this idea because it builds positive reinforcement of reading, and those lollipops look delicious!

  60. 92

    Rosanne Morrison says

    I like Fancy Nancy and the Posy puppy for my 8 year old granddaughter. I love that we can picked them out by age and by recommendations.

  61. 96

    Lori Z. says

    I like Stellaluna and Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales. I have a children’s book addiction, so some of them we already have (so can I say that Lollipop Club has great taste!) I also think that the lollipops are very cute and the gift could easily cross genders (since I have a boy and a girl and many of the books worked in either department) and be great for long distance gift giving. Very fun!

  62. 97

    Joletta Tomlin says

    I love reading, and what a better way to get a child to sit still and listen to a great story than a sucker! Wonderful idea!!

  63. 99

    Kathy says

    What I love about this idea is that kids love to be read to and good readers do better in school, so it’s a win-win situation! I also love that there are some excellent books to choose. If I were lucky enough to win, I’d pick #22 “Hey, Al.”

  64. 100

    Michelle H. says

    I like the idea of associating reading with a treat, because reading should be considered a treat instead of a chore. I want to win “168 Bad Kitty” because I think that it would make my little ones laugh.924

  65. 101

    Lily Kwan says

    I think this is a great idea because I love lollipops! I would choose The Cricket in Times Square.

  66. 102

    Lisa Galloway says

    this is such a unique gift, and kids will love their candy while they read or are read too their book. I liked Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum. I sounds fun and my son would love the art

  67. 103

    Jonna says

    There is nothing better for a gift than a book for a child. I still have all of my childhood books and treasure every one. I would love to have The Firetruck…