A Moment with A Three Year Old

My Twinks…they are silly, crazy, funny, ornery, cute, amazing, creative, imaginative and intelligent.  Watching them grow is both challenging and exciting.  They started talking much earlier than the other boys and the never stop talking now lol.  The things they come up with are often unexpected and always interesting, though much of it gets them into trouble.

Here’s a conversation with Monkey…

Monkey: “Mom, if somebody sends me to the moon I’ll be very very very mad”

Me: “honey, no one is going to send you to the moon”

Monkey: “Well, if they do I’ll be mad” (in his best warning voice)

Me: “duly noted dear”

Monkey: “Good”

At this point we will then transition into yet another conversation on a totally different topic.  But there’s a glimpse into the mind of a three year old.