Amazed Laughter

I talked a bit last week about being in a holding pattern and making a more conscious effort to find the good in each and every day.  Today the Twinkies are 4 years old and although there are many descriptive words I could use when talking about them and what they have brought into our lives, there are two that stand out most… amazing and funny.

We are forever amazed by the things that these two little boys are capable of.  This amazement isn’t anything new though, they have been shocking us with their minds and abilities since before they turned one, it is simply incredible. But as they get older, their thoughts are so much more amazing even.

Each and every day they say or do things that are worthy of a true ROFL (roll on the floor laughing).  From the incredible dreams that they have to the random thoughts that they share, they keep us on our toes.  Even though I’m describing them basically as a pair, they are very much individuals and proud of who they each are.

Yes, life is extremely chaotic sometimes and they tend to have more than their fair share of complaints in life a lot of the time. They are stubborn, strong willed, opinionated and even mouthy.  But through all of that they have also brought so much joy and laughter and they love hard.

They get offended if they don’t get a hug and blow kiss from Daddy before he leaves for work each morning.  They get upset if their big brothers are gone for too long and especially if CJ is spending too many nights with grandparents.

Through everything, we are thankful for these little bundles of energy that keep us on our toes and bring us amazed laughter every day.


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    Carla says

    Hey Lady, been thinking about you. I don’t know if you have the same email address as you used to. I’m starting a Creative Fellowship group at church 9only once a month) and would love you to come. I sent an e-mail to the only address I had. E-mail me an COME!!
    Love ya,