A Little Getaway

Isn’t it funny how everday life can move so fast? Ok, so sometimes it isn’t so funny, but things have been busy as usual around here.

Amidst the everday activities that are enough to keep anyone hopping, we also have CJ starting Driver’s Ed. and hubby and I are actually going on a vacation.

Ok, it’s really a convention for hubby’s work, but it’s for 5 WHOLE DAYS PEOPLE!!! Let’s just say that we haven’t been without children for more than three days at a time since CJ was born… and yes… he’s 15 1/2, so that’s a rather long time.

I will try to keep this trip interactive, both for the novelty of having so much time to myself and to keep my friends, family and kiddos at home up to speed on what we’re up to each day while we are gone.

I’m excited to try out some new photography tips I’ve been picking up over the last few weeks and hope to have a lot of photos to go along with it! We may experience a lot of rain and I’m praying desperately that there are no emergencies at home while we are away (though we aren’t really going that far).

It’s time for me to get back to the preparations for the trip (I’ll post about that as well soon lol, trust me it’s a novel just by itself) so I’ll talk to you all soon.