Let’s Save – Back to School Affordably

This year all 6 of my sons are going to be in school. While this may not seem particularly monumental to anyone but me, it also brings a mile-long list of supplies that need to be purchased for the collective masses.

Money is tight, my dollar doesn’t go nearly as far as it used to and I need to be careful that back-to-school doesn’t break the bank. I know I’m not alone, so here’s a few suggestions to keep back to school more affordable, and maybe even a lot less stressful.

Plan ahead – who says back-to-school shopping has to be done during summer break?

I know it’s a little late for the new school year, but the biggest tip I have for the cheapest back-to-school prices, is to shop year round. Every time I go to the store, I can be found scouring ads and shopping the clearance rack at the stores I frequent. Often I can find name brand clothing even for 70% off or more!

Just get to know your stores, the locations of their clearance racks and how often they have big sales.  Of course, since some of my boys are growing like weeds (literally), this is rather necessary anyway or their pants start fitting them like capris (trust me, this is not the look a boy is going for).

Keep a List – we even have a standard clothing “supply” list around here.

I’d rather not have a child with 10 t-shirts and 1 pair of jeans in their drawers, and with a lot of kids it’s easy to mix up who has what. So, keeping a checklist for each child to ensure they have the right amount of all the necessaries is key around here.

Be Flexible – sometimes the best deals are where you least expect them.

I was recently doing a search for coupons and sales for back to school online and was surprised when it suddenly occurred to me that using the annual local Entertainment book is an incredibly simple option. If you don’t have an Entertainment book, look on craigslist or sites like that for the current edition, or simply put it on your list for next year (shop for it several months after it’s released to get it for $10 or less).

That’s just one example of thinking “outside the box” for a super cheap back-to-school, imagine the possibilities.

We want to know how you’re saving this year!!!

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