Convenient Motherhood

I entered motherhood as most of us do, full of plans and expectations and ….well…. I “knew” exactly how it would go. Six children later, I laugh at the new-mom-me and am learning to embrace reality.

Parenting isn’t a convenient task. We do what we know needs to be done whether it’s convenient for us or not.

To all who are also embracing the inconvenience of the reality of parenting, I want to applaud you today and encourage you that although there is nothing more challenging, there is also nothing more rewarding than committing to our childrens’ future.

I doubt any one of us truly ever anticipated the true role our children so desperately need us to fill… as disciplinarian, kisser of boo-boos, giver of chores, keeper of the toothpaste, doer of laundry, maker of healthy meals, and every other little thing we do each and every day.

I never knew that motherhood was so complex. You have a baby and you raise them right? Honestly I never thought much about the in-between.

So, as we go through each day…celebrating, encouraging, instructing, listening, training, raising….embrace the inconvenience of parenting, and remember that all too soon life will be totally convenient again.