Healthy Goals

If you’re like me and have maybe health and weight loss goals on your list this year, here’s a couple simple tricks to help you out.

Don’t do too much too fast.

This is quite possibly one of the best ways to completely kill a goal. We all do it from time to time when we’re “in the moment”. We’re excited about our new goals and we go crazy with all the great possibilities of ways to get there.

If your goal is weight loss and overall physical health for instance, going out and signing up for an intensive program that costs a fortune right out of the gates and then you work out like crazy for a week, there’s a good possibility you’ll get burned out fast. So take it slow. For most people, getting unhealthy took a long time, so reversing that will take a bit of time as well.

Set realistic goals.

This of course goes quite well with the first tip, but making sure that the goals you have set make sense and are actually attainable is best. If you set a goal of losing 10 pounds per week for a month (though who wouldn’t love to be able to do that), you are not setting a realistic goal and are going to fail.

If, on the other hand, you were to set a goal of losing one to two pounds per week along with making a plan for HOW you are going to do that you are far more likely to reach that goal.  Spend more time with the people in your life who already practice the habits you want to gain for yourself.

If you have friends and family that already do eat healthy or exercise in a way that you are trying to get in the habit of doing, spend more time with them.  We learn so much from the people around us just by watching and being there, so this is a great way to help develop those habits for ourselves.

Make time for physical activity and planning.

This is true of almost any goal in life, but for those who are trying to achieve better eating habits, overall healthy living and better physical fitness, this is very important.  Making time each day for a walk or whatever exercise you want to do is essential. It doesn’t have to be a long time each day, just so long as it’s worked into the schedule somewhere.

Keeping your other healthy living goals in sight is also something you’re likely to need to make a bit of time for. Learning how to cook healthier doesn’t happen overnight, it’s something we must practice and learn about in a very real way. As my children study at school or do their homework, I’m likely not far away learning about nutrition or eating healthier or one of many other health subjects I’m currently studying.

Make it fun.

There’s nothing better than realizing that I have just done a full workout and hardly even noticed it! Walking with friends, playing games outside with the kids and other activities that are simply fun to do are absolutely the best way to achieve your health goals.

I can sit on my behind all day in front of the computer, blogging and working and emailing and … well… you get the idea. But that’s so not healthy, I have to get up and move around and once I do, I start feeling so much better. I can think more clearly (this is a big deal to me because I actually have struggled a lot with my mind feeling very foggy), I breathe easier … there’s just so much to be said for the simple act of getting off the couch and moving around.

If any of you have started losing sight of your goals for health and activity, I sincerely hope that this helps you find a renewed interest and excitement in those goals.