Helping Disaster Victims in Japan

As I learned about the devastating events in Japan in the aftermath of the 8.9 magnitude quake I was horrified and saddened for all the people there. Not only is the devastation from the earthquake alone terrifying, but the resulting tsunamis and nuclear threats make it even worse.  I absolutely cannot imagine what it is like to be there right now.

Of course, my friends at World Vision already have a team headed there to evaluate the situation…

Currently, World Vision Japan has deployed assessment teams to affected areas to determine needs and formulate a relief response plan. World Vision U.S. has deployed an aid worker from Seattle who is en route to Japan at this moment. Several countries still face tsunami threats. The World Vision office in those countries is monitoring the situation closely.


To stay on top of what’s happening in Japan as well as what World Vision is doing while there, you can visit the World Vision blog, follow @WorldVisionUSA and @WorldVisionNews on Twitter, or become a friend of World Vision on their Facebook page.

If you’re looking for a way to help aid those in desperate need in Japan, please follow these options to donate to World Vision…

  • Text to Give: Text “4JAPAN” to “20222” to give a $10 donation to World Vision
  • Website Donations can be given in the amount of your choice on the WV website

Please pray for those in Japan as well as those involved in the relief efforts. Our family is particularly holding our service men and women in prayer specifically in the area of keeping them safe from any radiation issues resulting from the failures within the nuclear plants in Japan.