Keeping Halloween Fun For Teens

Growing up, Halloween seemed simple. You decide on a costume and go trick-or-treating through the neighborhood. Today, with the need to be more aware than ever about where we take our children, there’s some really great options for the entire family to participate in.

These often incorporate both traditional Halloween activities (trick-or-treating) as well as other ideas that make it a lot of fun for a larger variety of ages. 

If you’re looking for something for the entire family to do check with your community, churches and schools to see what they offer. If they don’t offer anything you can always try to plan something and involve others to make it a really fun night for the whole family.

For us, finding family events that actually appeal to a variety of ages is huge. It’s not always easily available, but we have found some and here’s what I recommend.

Trunk-or-treat was a fantastic event offered at many local churches here several years ago. Each participant would decorate their car with a theme. There were prizes for the best one as well as offering each child the opportunity to trick-or-treat from car to car.

School Halloween Carnivals are also a lot of fun. Often even the older kids enjoy this one, though the fact that it’s held at an elementary school may lead to some attitude. 

If all else fails, plan something yourself.

This may seem daunting, don’t let it. If you can get enough other people involved in the planning these can be so much fun. 

There’s some amazing ideas all over the web for great food and activities to do at a party like this. Get a group of friends or acquaintances from your church, kids’ schools, neighborhood, etc and just delegate! 

Put someone in charge of food…NO they shouldn’t make it all, but this is the person who will coordinate who is bringing what and will make suggestions of what to bring and the theme for the food.

Likewise you’ll want to have enough people on your planning team to have one person in charge of decorations, another in charge of activities, another in charge of prizes, etc. You get the idea.

If this still seems a lot larger scale than you want to manage, just go small!

Take an hour or so and plan it yourself. Music, food, drinks, activities, maybe a costume contest, etc. Don’t go over the top and plan on asking each person invited to bring something. If it’s just your family, you know what everyone will enjoy and just have fun!

Halloween can be a fun and memorable time for families, even teens all it takes is a little creativity and being an involved parent! Oh, and you might just find that you’ve had a lot of fun too!

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