Keurig Giveaway – The Perfect Cup for Dad

A couple of years ago I saw a Keurig® Brewer for the first time. I was impressed with it’s simplicity, how easy it was to use and how fun it was for entertaining!

Since then I have longed for one of my own, but for various reasons it simply did not happen. Until this week!

Keurig® recently asked if I would check out the Keurig Platinum® Brewing System and tell all of you about it. I was of course thrilled to pieces as it was such a perfect thing in light of the new kitchen remodel and Father’s day.

My husband loves coffee!!! The only problem is that every single coffee maker we have had the last several years has had a leaky carafe.

Needless to say it tends to spoil the whole coffee making process when water goes everywhere when trying to make a pot of coffee and then the coffee spills all over you when you attempt to pour it into a cup. The crazy thing is, we have had this problem with both high end coffee makers and value coffee makers.

The Keurig Platinum® Brewing System eliminates that problem which is so very nice! Choose the cup size, pop in a Keurig® K-Cup® and brew it directly into your favorite mug!

The variety of drink choices is phenomenal! Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider and even refillable K-Cups that you can use with your own coffee varieties. Yes, I love this coffee maker and you will too!

Keurig® is very generously offering one very lucky reader a Keurig® Special Edition Brewing System ($149.99 value)… just in time for Father’s Day!

How to Enter

Leave a comment telling me why you would love to win this Brewing System. Be sure to enter by June 14th.

Extra Entries

Just make sure you leave a NEW comment for each new entry!

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Disclosure: All opinions and words are my own. I always give honest and forthright reviews and will not present something that poses a conflict of interest &/or that I do not like. I was sent a Keurig Platinum Brewing System in order to offer you a firsthand review of the product. You can read my full disclosure policy here.



  1. 1

    Christine T. says

    I’m a facebook fan of a Frog in My Soup. I would L-O-V-E a Keurig because I’m the only one in my house who drinks coffee, and it’s hard to make only a few cups worth in my 12-cup Mr. Coffee. I’ve tried to convert my husband, and giving the kids coffee is simply out of the question LOL! :)

  2. 4

    Sarita says

    I would love to win this because I have been drinking instant coffee for the past few months and they aren’t very good. I could certainly use a good cup of coffee!

  3. 5

    Gail says

    Oh what a great offer! Thanks. I have one of these coffeemakers and it is the best thing in my kitchen. I would love to win this for my son who doesn’t have one and loves coffee! Please pick me!!!!

  4. 7

    Jodi says

    I would love to win this because we tried a Keurig at my Aunt’s house in Texas and LOVED IT! We have wanted to buy one but can’t fit it in the budget right now. Thanks Shera!!!

  5. 8

    Kelly H. says

    I would love this Keurig for my fiance, we are expecting our first child any day now and he has been working overtime to put away emergency money, he keeps saying he would love to have one after seeing it at my mom’s house but refuses to spend the money because it’s money that could go to the baby. The poor guy has been getting up at 5am to go to work early and he deserves a good quick cup of coffee with out having to stop on his way to work.

  6. 9

    Kristin says

    My hubby is such a hard working man putting in 50-60 hours a week so that I can be a stay at home mom. He is the only one who drinks coffee and has talked about wanting one of these for a long time. To win this would be such a blessing as thigs are very tight and this would never be able to be afforded it any other way. BTW LOVE Frog in My Soup. Thanks for the chance to bless my hubs.

  7. 10

    PDuffey says

    I would love to win this because I’m going to college. My dad really wants to buy this for me, but money is a little tight cause, well I am going to college. He wants to buy this, so I figure I can win it and he won’t have to worry or feel bad if he can’t get it for me. Thank you for this opportunity!

  8. 11

    PDuffey says

    I liked you on facebook! Just look up my last name, sure it’s not the common

  9. 15

    CMC says

    I’ve been wanting a Keurig for a while now – I’d LOVE to win this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. 18


    My mom got my dad this very one for Christmas. I’d never used one before so it was new to all of us. Oh my goodness! It was so amazing. We had the Caribou Coffee Daybreak every single morning. I’m the only one who drinks coffee around here since my boys are too little. I don’t want to make a whole pot. Plus, having ADD I forget all the time. LOL Oh, and I’m pretty much mom and dad to my boys. Whatdaya do?

  11. 22


    Submitted to Digg as (bigguysmama or Mimi B). Sorry if this is a duplicate. Don’t see that it’s awaiting moderation. If so, go ahead and delete. =)

  12. 23


    They recently changed the coffee at work, and it’s HORRIBLE! I’d love to win one of these for my office. Thanks for the chance!

  13. 26


    Oh I would LOVE a keurig. I’m the only coffee drinker in the house, and my Bunn has a 4 cup minimum. So I am constantly hopped up on caffeine! LOL I would love to be able to make one delicious cup at a time.

  14. 30

    sus says

    Would love one for my father in law. He loves coffee (and so does my MIL)
    tnxns09 at gmail dot com

  15. 34

    Michelle says

    I would love to win this because I love the idea of every cup of coffee being fresh, and we can switch up flavors every time. My SIL has one and we loved it!

  16. 36

    Susan says

    I would like to win this for my husband. He makes coffee every day. He uses a plastic holder that a filter sits in. It’s messy. He would be very pleased with this keurig.

  17. 43


    I have 3 girls ages 8, 6 and 9 months. I’m not sure I need any other reasons why I could use an awesome coffee maker!

    But if I did – I love that I can use it for coffee or tea.

  18. 44

    Rhonda says

    My husband and I don’t drink coffee, but I drink tea every morning. My favorite is Chai Latte – and I know they make K-cups in this flavor. I would love to win this coffeemaker to brew my tea but also to be able to offer our guests something other than coffee made by someone who doesn’t even know how to make coffee. :)

  19. 46

    Carla says

    Would love to win this for my coffee lovin hubby!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  20. 48

    Patty says

    Would LOVE to win a Keurig! Hubs and I aren’t big coffee drinkers, but we enjoy a cup every now and then. Tea, too! The Keurig would be great for a one cup brew instead of a pot. Hope I win!