Memories of School and Friends

With my children going back to school this year I was surprised by the random memories of days that seem to have happened lifetimes ago… when I, too was going back to school.  The sights, sounds, smells, everything about this part of fall just screams back-to-school.

The scent of rain on warm pavement, is the epitome of fall. Seeing a bus drive by filled with children, often I can even hear them chattering on the bus, a dull roar that can only be little conversations.

The school supply lists that never seem to change and can almost be quoted without even needing to look at them.  It’s amazing how scents can take you back in time like nothing else…pencils, erasers, binders, paper, backpacks, the list goes on and on, but the scent is like a trip to another world that somehow doesn’t seem so very long ago for that one little moment.

Quite possibly, because Salesman started Jr. High this year, the beginning of that season in my school career vividly came back to me. I was quiet, shy, a loner. I had few friends, and was a true friend to those who were.

Junior high was, for me, the beginning of many life lessons that would take many many years for me to really learn and understand. I had no idea then who I was becoming or what I would learn from the difficult years that Jr. High encompassed for me.

Although the best friends I would ever have wouldn’t be realized or enter my life at all for several years, it was, in a sense, the beginning of my journey to understand true friendship. Those people that come into your life and just fit, the ones that stick with you through thick and thin, good and bad, rough and smooth.

Those are the most amazing people who can absolutely change your life for the better every single day. They don’t care if you have a day where you throw your hair up in a ponytail and don’t put on makeup. The ones that are simply there when you’re having a rough day and just need someone to talk to or hang out with.

Now, looking back, I can see lots of little moments that created the woman that I am today. The one that realizes that relationships are priceless, enduring, forgiving, kind and honest. The little moments that I looked around and saw the unhealthiness around me even as a young teen.

But, the hardest part of all is realizing that there are so many adults that honestly do not believe that true friendships with no strings exists. They have been burned too many times.

Yes, today was random ramblings from me…not something I do often, but it’s fun to share them occasionally. The idea though, is to challenge anyone who keeps everyone at an arms length. It’s easy to do, it’s the safe way to be..right?

Putting yourself out there can be scary. Letting someone in, even scarier. But the rewards of true friendship are amazing my friends!