Shopper’s Corner

This week, I wanted to introduce all of you to a couple of things that I think you’ll find very useful and will see a lot more of around here at A Frog In My Soup.  This will be especially beneficial for those of you who like shopping to be quick, affordable, relevant and convenient.

If you are a bargain blogger or know of any great deals going on, please feel free to comment with a link to your blog or whatever relevant shopping info you want to share.


This is a brand new site with some very unique features. I’m a shopping advisor for them, and more than happy to schedule a live session for anyone who has specific questions. The reason a live session is so great is that you get to see exactly the product or website I’m recommending in the session window and can explore it at your convenience. Another great feature of a Live session, more than one person can attend!

Often the products that I feature in Shopper’s Corner come directly from sessions I have held at ShopSquad.  Feel free to leave a comment or contact me to schedule a session or ask questions about it.

Recommendations this Week

  • For all your family’s allergy needs, check out the Allergy Superstore for great products.
  • Summer Feet: I like my kids’ feet to be covered, protected and comfortable during the summer, but around here all shoes have to be durable and water friendly. Crocs definitely fit the bill, check out all they have to offer (the kids’ shoes are surprisingly affordable) for the summer.
  • Keeping kids active outdoors is a must during the summer, but having sit-down activities for them to do can also save a day of hassle if the weather decides to go south. I love Melissa & Doug! I also like Discount School Supplies, Hearthsong, and  Kazoo Toys.