A Traveling We Will Go

Our family of 8 just got back yesterday from a long weekend. The timing ended up being interesting because the kids had all been sick earlier in the week and that made the packing and preparing very last minute.

In light of our recent adventuring though, I have a couple tips that I think you’ll enjoy.

Tip 1: Car Snack Packs

This is something I have done in the past, but don’t think I have shared it. Traveling snack packs are a great thing to take for kids. You can pack travel friendly snacks in lunch boxes or little containers as shown in my photo.

What do I mean by “travel friendly”? Travel friendly snacks are foods that are less likely to contribute to travel sickness or be very messy for a child to eat in the car.

As  you can see, each boy had a little box filled with crunch Clif bars (the peanut butter ones are actually HEAVEN… but I digress!), a Go-Gurt, a little cutie type orange and a pack of Goldfish crackers. Many many variations on this would work great!

This will look a little different depending on child ages, etc. Since my kiddos are a little older, putting in a Yogurt tube and an orange works. Better yet, put in a bag of apple slices in the place of the orange (no peel to contend with) and raisins or other dried fruit in the place of the yogurt.

For drinks, stick with bottles of water or as unsweetened fruit juice as possible. Heavy and/or sugary foods can contribute a lot to car sickness.

Tip 2: Length of Stay

Although we stay at this very same location for a full week in the summer, we discovered that this was actually the perfect amount of time for our family to get away and feel like we’d actually had a little vacation. One day shorter and it would have felt too short, but the amount of time we were gone was absolutely perfect!

Our long weekend details:

  • Length: We left on Thursday at around 4pm and stayed until 2pm on Monday.
  • Vehicle: Car trip that is about 3 1/2 hours if you do not stop.
  • Place: We stayed at our time-share condo on a lake
  • Available activities (spring): Swimming Pool, playground, mini-golf (for a fee), basketball, tether-ball, beach, and more.