Children’s Claritin

It’s that time of year again… a time when my oldest son’s hayfever and other spring allergies come to life in full force, making my 6’2″, 16 year old man-child a rather pathetic mess. He’s not alone, and some of the younger boys struggle with it as well.

The times when his allergies act up hard and fast are the times that he reaches for children’s chewables or syrup. To be honest, even though he has to take a lot more of these products, they work a lot faster and he is so much more relieved. They quickly get his allergies under control so that he can begin taking regular allergy medicines to keep it that way.

When my youngest sis and I were out to lunch with all the kids a few weeks ago, I had just received a box of Children’s Claritin in the mail and had popped it into my purse to put away when we got home. Little did I know that would make that day go so much better.

When we walked into the restaurant, he didn’t look too bad, his allergies were bothering him a bit and his eyes were a little itchy and watery, but that’s all. Within 10 minutes, my sister and I both noticed that his eyes had gone nuts and were not bright red and looked so painful and awful so I grabbed the Children’s Claritin and before long he was back under control.

If you have kiddos with allergies of any kind, I definitely recommend that you try this out! Personally, I make sure that each year I have a fresh box of children’s allergy medicine on hand for anything that may come up unexpectedly. It goes into our family first aid kit that we take everywhere with us!

What is your experience with your children’s allergies? What do you do to get and keep them under control?

You can learn more about Claritin and follow their Facebook page here.

Disclosure: I was sent a package of Children’s Claritin in conjunction with my participation in a BzzCampaign. As always, all opinions expressed are honest and solely those of the author. Please feel free to read our disclosure policy here.