Keeping with our theme of healthy families, I would love to introduce you all to the company Coolibar.  I came across Coolibar when I was getting ready for our family’s recent trip to Aruba.  Coolibar is a company whose main focus is sun protection for the whole family.  Everything they sell is made with the protection of your skin in mind and when I am planning on taking my family in the sun, it is all that is on my mind as well.

I will share with you that when I was a teenager, (and I thought I knew everything…), I was a sun worshiper.  Even though I have my father’s pale English/Scottish skin and I simply can not tan, I figured if I stayed out in the sun long enough, eventually I would turn brown.  Instead I found myself in tremendous amounts of pain, with scabs all over my shoulders and back, and scars when those scabs finally healed.  More than once I made myself sick with chills, fever, and stomach aches, because of over exposure, and despite how many times I was told by my parents to cover up, put on extra sun screen, wear a hat, etc., I never listened.  Thankfully, I wasn’t too old when I finally realized that there was absolutely nothing to gain by doing that to myself, and since have become extremely diligent about applying and reapplying sunscreen whenever I am outside.  Unfortunately, suncreen is not fool proof, so Coolibar has come up with some fashionable, and forward thinking ways to add additional protection to your skin!

We all know the dangers of prolonged sun exposure.  I was lucky to only have suffered some severe burns, sun spots, and scars.  I thank God that I didn’t give myself cancer or any other permanent and serious health issues, and keeping my children and myself safe in the sun is a top priority for me now.  When I found Coolibar’s site I was so excited to see that they not only sold really adorable bathing suits for everyone in my family, they also had really amazing hats, clothing, and accessories to help keep our family safe.  I contacted Coolibar to ask how I could help spread the word about their fabulous store and about skin safety.  They were kind enough to send my children some really adorable bathing suits, and hats, and a hat for me to use in Aruba so that I could review them and share my thoughts with you!  So, here they are!

This is my son wearing the Boy’s Tribal Swim Set that Coolibar sent him.  I was concerned that having on a t-shirt and shorts might make him very hot in the tropical sun, but the material is extremely light and he was perfectly comfortable in the outfit.  I loved that the neck had a mock turtle neck feel to it to protect the back of his neck and he loved the super cool tree frog that was printed on the front.  The suit dried very quickly and stood up to multiple washings still looking like new!  This is really important to me because I honestly wash bathing suits at least 3 times a week in the summer since we live on a lake.  Coolibar even sent me this super protective Surf’s Up All Sport Hat for my little man.  He hadn’t put it on quite yet in this picture, but like the suit, the hat was cool, protective, and still looks brand new.  Did I mention the most important part?!  Everything that they sent me was equipped with UPF 50+ to block 98% of the sun’s harmful rays.  This was such a blessing in Aruba, as the sun is very harsh and can burn you in minutes if you are not careful.

My little fashionista baby was not left out!  Coolibar sent her the most adorable skort and shirt to keep her perfect little skin safe. Of course, she is a stubborn little thing and wouldn’t keep her hat on, but doesn’t she look just precious in this Swim Skort and Long-sleeve Rash Guard?   I loved that her little arms and back were protected.  My poor little bean might be even more pale than her big brother!

Coolibar’s mission to help keep our families safe from the harmful rays from the sun and to spread the word about the importance of protection from those rays.  In keeping with that mission, Coolibar has some wonderful programs going on right now that can help you and your community!  The Coolibar School Sun Hat Program allows non-for-profit companies, such as PTAs, purchase sun hats at a HUGE discount.  They even allow parents and teachers to purchase their hats at 50% so that they can lead by example.  Plus, from now until May 11, 2012, you can enter to win a class set of sun hats for your local school or your child’s classroom!  It is a fabulous prize that can help protect your child and his friends during recess and gym time.

Coolibar is also looking for exceptional athletes to sponsor.  As part of the program, they will provide superior athletes with Coolibar gear to practice in, thus spreading the word about skin protection and promoting healthy living! They will share the stories of these athletes via their blog.  You can sign up to become a Coolibar Sponsored Athlete here.

Now, for the part everyone loves – Coolibar has generously offered to give one of our readers a Packable Wide Brim Hat in tan.  You can enter below using Rafflecopter!  This contest will end Friday, April 13th, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST.  Good luck and happy entering!!

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Disclosure: At A Frog In My Soup we believe in presenting products to you that we have tried and truly love. We were given Coolibar products to test and review.  As always, all opinions, views and thoughts are honest and entirely our own. You can read our full review policy here.









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    Kim says

    I have followed Coolibar on FB and Twitter for a couple of months now, since I took a vacation to Tortola. My sister died from Melanoma in June of ’06, so sun protection is extremely important to me and my family. Keep up the sun protection awareness! :) Kim

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    Nikki says

    I never intentionally tanned……but I lived in S CA with a pool. I wasn’t as lucky as Nancy, getting squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.