Easter Basket Goodies

Gift giving is one of my favorite thing to do.  It always has been, but since having children, and seeing their excitement and belief in the magic of Santa and the Easter Bunny, I can’t help but love it that much more.  I adore picking up fun, special things to put in my kids baskets.  I spend hours trying to find the perfect little gifts.  I don’t have a whole lot of money to spend, but I also can’t stand trinkets that clutter up my house and are broken in minutes.  That being said, I’ve put together a list of some of my absolute favorite basket stuffers for kids. :)  Enjoy!

  • Bunnies, Chicks & Lambs, Oh My!  Call me what you will, but I still firmly believe that an Easter basket is not complete without a new plush friend to cuddle.  One of my favorite brands, Intelex, makes really amazing Cozy Plush animals that are a staple in my house.  This little lamb does not leave my daughter’s sight.  Lamby goes on vacation with us, eats dinner with us, and of course is a loyal companion at nap and bed times.  These stuffed animals are microwavable and filled with soothing lavendar.  They are so amazing to cuddle up with and relax, and they are weighted which can be extremely comforting to a small child at night.  They run about $20 and you can find them on Amazon, or find a store near you by visiting their store locator.  They have all kinds of adorable critters, including a ducky and bunny.

  • Jelly Beans!  Another staple in any Easter Basket is the jelly bean.  I LOVE jelly beans, especially Jelly Bellys!  (I could eat black jelly beans night and day!)  When I heard that Jelly Belly made so much more than just jelly beans I was super excited!  This year, my kids are going to have Jelly Belly scented bubbles, Jelly Belly scented shower gel, and my little Bean is getting Jelly Belly scented nail polish.  If you have an older child or significant other who loves Jelly Belly, you could pick them up a rubber scented iphone case! You can find all of these, and more Jelly Belly goodies on Amazon and in stores.  (I actually saw a Jelly Belly snow cone machine in my local Bed Bath and Beyond the other day.  Yum!)

  • Outdoor Toys!  I use Easter as an excuse to refresh my kids’ supply of things like sidewalk chalk, hoolahoops, jumpropes, sand toys, etc.  I honestly find most of these things at the dollar store.  This year they even had Crayola sidewalk chalk with a holder – for only a dollar!  If you don’t have a traditional basket that you use for your kids, a large sand bucket does the trick just as well, and can be used all summer long.  I’ve found lots of really cute ones for under $5.  In our house everything is Tinkerbell and Spiderman, but there are so many great designs, and, if you aren’t beach people, they serve as great toy storage too!

There are so many fabulous ideas out there of how to fill your kids’ baskets without going crazy with candy and chocolate.  I could probably sit here and write about them all day!  Instead of doing that, I’ll leave you with one final idea.  This year, thanks to Pinterest, I will be starting a new tradition with my kids.  Before we go to bed on Saturday night, we ar going to plant some jelly beans in our garden.  The Easter Bunny is going to sprinkle some magic dust on them overnight, and in the morning, this is what we’ll find!

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