Getting Past Tired

Do the holidays leave anyone else feeling just plain tired? Maybe it’s just me, but I know that I’ll spend pretty much this entire week getting everything and everyone back in order after the holidays.

Laundry is no worse (thank goodness), but it’s no better either, even after a full two holiday weeks of no break from it. Mount Laundry is still a formidable giant.

It’s always challenging to try and keep on top of the needs of 6 boys, but at the end of the holidays when sleep deprivation has set in (either due to insomnia or children waking at 5am… or both), suddenly everything seems foggy and a little more difficult to grasp than usual.

Today, although a nap is sounding lovely to me even at 8:30 am, I have a busy day so I am going to make the best of it. For me this means having a few moments of quiet, a nice hot cup of coffee and just get moving.

If you’re fighting post-holiday fatigue, here’s a few tips…

Get up and move.

Getting outside, even if it’s cold or a little dismal, can do wonders for your attitude, brain fog, etc. It’s a great way to clear your mind and although it tends to make me sleepy at first it definitely puts me in a better mood and makes me feel far more able to tackle whatever I need to do that day.

Make a plan.

Have a purpose, especially this week. Make a to-do list and just whack away at it this week to see how much you can accomplish. Keep it realistic, it’s a great motivator if you know you can actually accomplish it.

Take time to rejuvenate.

Make a few moments each day to just be alone and unwind. This might not be everyone’s thing, but I love silence and it’s definitely more than a rarity around here. I like to cozy up for a few minutes and either read or just sit and relish the moment with a cup of coffee or tea.  For some of you it might be taking a bath or even just a long hot shower. Whatever it is, try to find that 10 minutes where you can just breathe!

Take your vitamins.

Make sure you’re taking a good quality vitamin. This is the time when a lot of us are run down physically (not eating the same, stress, less sleep or not sleeping well, you get the idea) among other things and making sure we have plenty of B and C vitamins in particular is essential to keeping our bodies healthy.