Hallmark Moments and Milestones

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to attend a fantastic event in Seattle featuring Hallmark’s Moments and Milestones. It was so fun to go and hang out with other local bloggers and learn about all of Hallmark’s fantastic products. There was great food, tons of cards and amazing Hallmark representatives, including some writers.

We had the fun opportunity to meet Keion Jackson (humor writer, who constantly had us all cracking up), Derek McCracken (Creative Director, who is so down to earth and totally relatable) and Molly Wigand (writer, who is so genuine and funny and creative) who were all such a delight to get to hang out with. At the center of it all though, was Hallmark’s Moments and Milestones featuring amazing everyday products that truly just meet people where they are at.

You may have seen Hallmark’s national Tell Me TV Commercial, but here’s a fun video that they put together featuring the Seattle bloggers and totally driving home the relativity of the products that Hallmark creates for us…

In an age where families are often spread out and may not see each other as often, it’s more important than ever for families to have ways to connect. What I love about Hallmark is that they offer so very many ways to really do this in a very personal way.

Sure, we all know them for their cards that basically can be found to suit any situation or need. But to be honest I had no idea that it went so far beyond that.

My favorite idea is honestly the recordable storybooks. This is such an absolutely amazing gift for a child, especially when someone is going to be away. It’s a great way for a child to hear their favorite people read them a story. If a parent is in the military or will be away on a business trip, this is the perfect way to still be there for the end of your child’s day. Or maybe the long distance grandparents who want their grandchildren to feel them close by.

We also got to meet Nugget the adorable interactive stuffed puppy with a line of storybooks that make him come alive. From their fun Story Buddies series, these make such a great gift! Personally I’m on the continual lookout for an App to be released to go with Nugget!!! Yep, there are free apps available that work with each character and when used with the right one, they also become interactive.

The highlight (and most hilarious part) of the event had to be a brief trip into the world of becoming a Hallmark card writer. Each table was grouped up with one of the attending Hallmark writers and it was a hoot! Our table was teamed up with Keion (he is so hilarious) and we had a funny photo of an elderly couple. We were given the task to “write” a card to match the photo. It was so fun… crazy, but fun!!

A huge thanks to Liz (Fleishman-Hillard) and Hallmark for inviting me attend the event and learn more about all the amazing products they offer! I definitely suggest all of you check out the amazing lines of cards and other great products that they offer for the next time you have need to encourage, support or simply celebrate someone special!

Disclosure: Hallmark sponsored and held the event and invited AFrogInMySoup to attend. As with any event or feature, we were supplied with a variety of products relating to the event. This post is entirely the opinion of the writer and is written honestly from their perspective. You can read our full disclosure policy here.