Journal Ideas for Writing Life

If you’re planning on joining me in Writing Life and still just haven’t quite found that perfect journal, be sure to check out my Writing & Journaling Pinterest board. I just started it, but ALL of the ideas featured in this post are there with links to the source. Be sure to check back often for amazing ideas to find and make the journal that’s uniquely you.

Artsy Creative & Mish-Mash {yes, that’s a real word} Journals

I have already pinned the fantabulous SMASH folio, and I just have to say that if you’re the kinda gal that loves to just smash it ALL into your journal and go, this is so the one for you and I am GREEN with envy… yes, seriously.

You see, I love that artsy type of journaling, it appeals to my innermost color loving self…. filled with snippets of this, doodles of that and bits of the other. It’s creative, collective and colorful… but my mind simply does not function that way easily. I am a creature of habit and doggonit, that Holly Hobby diary had simple lined pages… somehow it’s taking a lot to break out from that.

Calendar Journals

Another type of journaling that I love and highly recommend for nearly any kind of mom… especially the busy kind {which pretty much means I just talked myself in a circle} is a calendar journal.  These are great for moms that prefer to write snippets through the day instead of a full page.

Beautiful calendar from creativeoperation.blogspot.comAgain, you can be so creative with this, you just need to find the right size and composition of calendar for your needs, or create your very own perpetual calendar.

This is also a great place to start if the idea of trying to sit down and write out a full page totally overwhelms you, yet you still want the option of just jotting notes everyday.  The perpetual calendar {right image} can be found here and the artsy journal calendar {below image} can be found here.

Despite my insistance that I’m more of a traditional journaler, I have to admit I’m more than a little intrigued by these journals and definitely plan to give them a try… the craftiness is almost oozing out of me about now from all the time I’ve been spending on Pinterest…. I feel a Crafty section coming on {oh dear Lord help us all!}.

From TracyU's flikr stream

Traditional Journals

For those of us who are more traditional sit down and write-like-crazy types, there’s still some beautiful and fun options. There’s something about writing on a pretty page that really just makes me happy… I know I’m a little nuts.

Journals found in local store's office sectionBasically there’s a journal for nearly every type of person. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but if you’re even a little like me and want something that’s pretty, or otherwise unique, there’s just so very many options even at your local supermarket’s office section, office supply stores or online.

Again you really don’t want to miss the great ideas on my Pinterest Board!