Lumina Pets Review & Giveaway

Do you feel like every year you struggle to find unique gifts for the kids in your life?  I know I do!  Especially the pre-tween and tween crowd.  They are so difficult to buy for, and honestly, although I do like to get them something they asked for, I also like to get them a surprise gift as well!  So, here is an idea for all of you out there who may be feeling the same way that I do!  Introducing, Lumina Pets!

Lumina Pets were inspired by the unique, and intricate lamps that the founder saw while visiting Thailand.  These lamps are all made by hand and very few people are trained to make and assemble them.  Although they are made of plastic, the lamps are actually very sturdy and their interlocking pieces help them keep their unique forms.  An added bonus, they are lit with a strip of LED lights which not only makes them safer, but also saves energy!


Every Lumina Pet is created by hand and they are the first kid’s lamps in the world fitted with LED strip lights, which are much safer & last longer than any lighting source on the market. In addition, we fit electrical adaptors  suitable for countries throughout Europe, The Americas, Asia, and Oceania. And we delivery globally for FREE!

Right now, Lumina Pets are available in four different shapes – a star, teddy bear, puppy, and fish.  They are all adorable and come in a variety of colors, but my kids had to have the pups!  One in pink, and one in blue!

Of course, only Bean let me take a picture, and it’s not great quality but she seriously sat and stared at this pup for about 20 minutes before she moved!


I have to say that these lamps are not just great for the ages I mentioned above, although I do know a few 9-12 year olds who would love to unwrap a Lumina Star, they are really great for any age!  My kids are almost 5 & 3 and they are in love with their new nightstand lamps.  They even like to make pillow forts and then look at books by the light of their lamps.

So, is there someone in your life who would love to bring home a Lumina Pet?  Then be sure to enter our giveaway below!  One winner will choose a Lumina Pet of their own!

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    keren griffith says

    definitely the pink pup as I love pink and I love dogs! thanks they are all adorable