Mission Impossible – Organized Home

I have a goal. It’s kind of a big one and seems a little daunting to me at the moment but it isn’t unreasonable. In fact, I know that if I setup the steps I know I need to take I can totally attain this goal by the deadline.

I’ve said it a million times, our house is tiny. I often refer to it as the cubicle, it’s that small. Cramming 8 people plus all their stuff, even if you go through and weed out all the non-essentials it still adds up to a lot of clutter.


This year I want my home and yard organized enough to actually host my boys’ big Birthday Bash at our house. Now, before anyone who knows me gasps with pure shock (or faints entirely), keep in mind there was a time I was able to do this in the past. It’s just been forever and a day ago.

So, I have until July to accomplish this goal. I am not looking for perfection and beauty (that may be a later goal lol), but I am looking to completely rid myself finally of the C.H.A.O.S. (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome – no I did not create this and do not know who did but it’s brilliantly spot on)!

Do you have CHAOS? If so, I encourage you to stop in from time to time for updates on this goal of mine as I plan to post often on the progress – the steps I’m taking, resources and tips I find, and even the occasional contest!!!!

Today’s tip: Find one small goal to set for yourself around the home… it could be something tiny like “clear the top of the washer and dryer” or something huge like “paint the living room” (though those might seem in reverse order to some of you haha).  Own it, set a deadline and go for it.