Planning Ahead – Vacation

Recently it occurred to me that I actually need to start thinking about what we need to do and get for our summer vacation. Going away as a family of 8 for an entire week to the lake 6 hours away takes a lot of planning.

Sure, there’s a lot of things that have to be done last minute, but here’s three things that I’m starting to think about right now.

Home and Pet Care

We can’t take our dogs to the condo, so we have to find care for them. Last year we did not plan well enough and ended up having some stress while we were away when the pet caregivers weren’t able to get the dogs to move off the couch. So this year, I’m planning ahead for our pet care.

You can find house sitters, kennels to board them at or even neighbors to care for them, what you choose is up to you those are just my basic suggestions.

Beach and Pool Accessories

When we visit the condo we spend practically every moment at the pools or at the beach or in the boat so making sure we have everything we would want for that, and more importantly a way to easily get it all to the location we are headed (bags, etc) is something that I need to figure out now.

Although summertime is typically when you’ll find the best selection, it’s never too early to start thinking about the various items needed for going to the beach (sand toys, towels, chairs, snacks and bags to carry it all in). The list will vary by family size and kids ages, so simply start making a list and look for sales.


In addition to everything else we have to do and take, we haul a large recreational boat with us for tubing and water skiing on the lake. In the past primarily only my husband has been able to drive the boat, but last year we talked about wanting our oldest son to get certified to drive it as well.

Summer vacation ended and we didn’t think any more about it and suddenly I am realizing that if he doesn’t take the course soon, we will be out of luck completely for next summer. Thankfully, I have a simple suggestion for you on this one (what a relief).

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