Smile, Baby, Smile!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of holding a MAM “Smile, Baby, Smile” party.  In conjunction with MAM and Child’s Play Communications, I was able to have a whole bunch of my mommy friends over for some fun while we learned about how to get our little one’s off to the right start in the oral care department.

First, I have to say, my wonderful friend Shera, who you all know as the mom behind A Frog in My Soup, happens to be an amazing graphic designer, and she whipped up this adorable invitation for my friends.  It set the tone for the party, and my friends were super impressed and excited when they received it.  Check it out!  I love it! It is so fabulous!



MAM was kind enough to provide me and my friends with all sorts of oral care products!  We played games where we learned about how to keep our kids gums and teeth strong and healthy.  I was very impressed with my friends’ knowledge about baby teeth!  I had no idea how many teeth a toddler had!  I guess I never really stopped to think about it – at least not after baby 2!

Here’s a look at the goodies that decorated my table…everyone was able to go home with a massaging brush, a training brush, and an oral care rabbit all by MAM.







This was my little set-up for the treats.  We had so much fun learning about all of MAM’s fabulous oral care products, sharing tips on how to get our little ones to say “ahhh” when it is time for teeth brushing, and just catching up!  I can honestly say that I have been a fan of MAM for as long as I’ve been a parent – it is the only brand of pacifiers that my kids would ever take, and I’m excited to still be using their products as my kids get older.  MAM is a brand that I trust to be high quality, innovative, BPA free, safe, and stylish – what more could a mama ask for?!

A special thanks to Child Play PR for helping to facilitate this party, and of course to MAM for sharing their wealth of knowledge with my me and my friends.  We had such a wonderful get together and I’m so glad to have been a part of this campaign!