Spring Soiree with Cascade Ice

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a very fun Spring Soiree put on by Cascade Ice and hosted at Mane Blow Dry Bar in Seattle. This was a very fun event and surprisingly educational.

Although I showed up at Mane being very familiar with Cascade Ice, I learned two things – Cascade Ice can be used to make very fun mixed drinks in addition to just being enjoyed as is… and what a blow dry bar is.

Cascade Ice

For those of you who may not be familiar with Cascade Ice, it is a flavored sparkling water with ZERO calories that’s also free of sugar, gluten, sodium and carbohydratesIt’s so very tasty!

What I loved was seeing first hand how simple and fun it is to make these flavored sparkling waters into very fun, yummy cocktails and mocktails for any occasion. You can even find great recipes on their blog – my favorites are the yummy lemonade recipes!

Mane Blow Dry Bar

Now it’s likely that if you live near any major city other than Seattle, you probably know what a blow dry bar is and wonder where on earth my head has been buried. Before you judge me too harshly, let me remind you that Seattle is a very wet and windy place… not somewhere that one typically expects a beautiful hairstyle to last so we tend not to put a ton of effort into it (we are not famous for casual Friday for no reason people, it was out of sheer necessity).

Even the owners of Mane Blow Dry Bar will admit that it was a new idea to introduce to the Seattle area, and that I’m not alone in my… ahem… need for an education on this particular style of service salon (so there!!). Regardless of all that, I’m sold! It’s the most amazing idea!

More Details

For all those Pacific Northwesterners who happen to be reading this (hi Mom!), Cascade Ice is available for purchase all over the Northwest, including Albertson’s, GFC, Fred Meyer and WinCo as well as online. For those of you who live in other parts of the country be sure to check out Cascade Ice’s website for locations to purchase.

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Here’s a photo gallery from the event (just click on a thumbnail to open it)…

Thank you’s and Credits: A huge thanks to Cascade Ice for inviting me to the Spring Soiree, also thanks to Mane Blow Dry Bar for hosting the event and the amazing hairstyles we all were able to leave with. Photos are all courtesy of www.clanegessel.com (yep, I took my own but hey…I’m not in any of them lol).

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