Writing Life

A few of you may have noticed a little nostalgia going on around here. What you can’t see is that a few years worth of posts (well, several years worth actually) did not fully transfer when I re-installed this site a few years ago. It’s a long drawn out and frustrating story, but the point is that in order to restore the lost posts I have had to go back through the one archive I had and copy/paste all of the content to each post. Yikes!

All of that to say that I have had the unique opportunity to revisit some great posts from the past and it has inspired me to encourage all of you to get writing! Now, before you panic and go running the other way, hear what I have to say.

I firmly believe that every single woman has a truly unique and unbelievably wonderful story to tell and only she can tell it, even if she’s her only audience.

You see, as I have been looking back through these posts I see glimpses of my life before depression. I see a light shining through that didn’t have the fog that I still sometimes try so hard to push out of the way in order to really live again.

Being able to look back through these old posts has been inspiring, motivating, bittersweet and above all encouraging. I want this for all of you as well and right here, right now, I want you to join me in Writing Life.

Telling your story, one day at a time, as it’s happening is a priceless adventure. Not only will you never get today back, but you’ll also never remember it in the same light with the same emotions and the same feelings you have today. Tomorrow you will forget as each new memory is created and left behind.

It’s a simple process that can be done on paper, on your computer or even on an online blog (public or private). The choice is yours, but choose one and WRITE!

Wondering what to write about? How often to write? How to write?

That’s the beauty of it, all you have to do is have a moment of inspiration and just a couple minutes of time (yes, both are fully attainable trust me). To help you out, I’ll be offering a writing prompt and a few tips once a week.

For those of you who are wondering, a writing prompt is a great way to inspire writing. I’d love to hear that all of you are simply jotting down life moments. Or jotting down what you are feeling or thinking during a certain occasion, event or moment. But, for those of us who need a little extra inspiration, a writing prompt is a great way to take writing to the next level.

So, this week I’d like to encourage you to prepare to write… do one of the following three things (if you don’t already have one)…

  • Go out and buy a beautiful journal and a great pen that you love.
  • Or create pretty paper on your computer or iPad, etc. that you will use as your journal, make sure you have a folder to save all of these into.
  • Or sign up for a free blog at Blogger (you can choose to have it be public or private and it’s quite simple to navigate).

Ready? Set? GO!!!!!!