Essential Oils for Life: the Basic Three

basicthreeeoWhen it comes to Essential Oils, it’s all about getting started and knowing how to use what you have. Typically, you’re not going to buy a complete collection of Essential Oils all at once. If you can afford to, great! But for most of us, we need to start with the basics and build our supply over time.

Personally, I prefer this approach. Although there are instances where it can be a bit frustrating not to have a certain oil on hand at first when you know it would be perfect for something that comes up (for instance: a respiratory blend if a child has a cold), as a rule, having too many oils all at once can be just plain overwhelming. Getting them a few at a time allows us to learn about just those few and really understand how to use them and what they are best for. This is true no matter where you decide to purchase your oils.

So, today I’m going to introduce you to three oils that are considered the basic introductory oils for those just learning to use Essential Oils (for reference, Essential Oils are often also referred to as EO): Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon. There are actually over 100 ways to use these three oils alone! I won’t overwhelm you with all of them, but I’ll share a couple key ideas for each oil.

These three oils are the perfect starting place and truly are everyday household helpers. From basic cleaning to sinus and digestive issues these three oils have shown themselves to be truly helpful! The last section of this post will go over finding good oils.

Note: I am an Independent Representative with doTERRA. You can get these three oils in an introductory kit for $26.67 (or $20 wholesale) through my shop (it’s under Product Packages – or contact me and I’ll help get you started)! It comes complete with these three oils (5ml bottles of each) and an Introductory CD and booklet. This is a great way to get started! Plus, simply contact me once you’ve ordered and I’ll make sure you also get the 101+ Uses eBook!

Disclaimer: The statements in this post have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Do not use essential oils when pregnant or on infants except under the care of a certified aromatherapist or other licensed practitioner!

This post has been broken up into “pages”… page 2 features Lavender, page 3 features Peppermint, page 3 features Lemon and page 4 talks about terms and basics regarding getting started with Essential oils. To read this post the “regular” way, simply click the “View Full Post” link below!


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    Thoroughly enjoyed your post. I started out with two essential oils – lavender and peppermint! Now I use them all the time and have delved further into using essential oils. They really are awesome. Blessings!

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    Hello! I am so excited to read another mommy blogger talking about Essential Oils. I started with Oregano, the coconut oil, Peppermint, Breathe, and Lemon. I have a whole list of stuff that I want next and am going to be placing another order tomorrow. :) Thanks for sharing all of this information. I am hoping to work on a post soon about the wonders that I have seen with doTerra too!