Holding Pattern?

Life is such an interesting complex mix of events isn't it? We're still dealing with far too many illnesses and injuries to count, but i'm trying to also find the fun little things mixed in. This has been a huge challenge for me as the natural course of things when you are in the midst of depression is to see the negative and feel overwhelmed. That said though, I am definitely trying to make a purposeful attempt at finding at least one good or funny thing each day. To move out of a state of ... [ Read More ]


Yep, it's been a few weeks since I've shared a song that is speaking to me, here's this weeks though. Safe by Phil Wickham from his album Heaven & Earth.  I hope it blesses you today. ... [ Read More ]

When Push Comes to Shove

Life isn't perfect. We live in an imperfect world filled with imperfect people and things. That is just the way it is. We all have to come to terms with that sooner or later in order to move on and enjoy life despite it's imperfections. As a mom, one of the most difficult parts of life is the fact that we cannot always protect our children from illness, injury and emotional hurt.  I've talked about this difficulty before, primarily in reference to the emotional horror of my oldest son's ... [ Read More ]


It's definitely getting colder around here.  As fall begins to make way for Winter and the holidays are quickly approaching, this is when a lot of moms start feeling the crunch. I hope you've had time to take a little break this week to just try to re-energize.  It can be something simple like a nice cup of tea and a good book, or hot chocolate and a chick flick.  Don't underestimate the power of a simple, quiet few moments of time. ... [ Read More ]


How often I forget to be thankful in everyday life.  That's probably one of the reasons that I appreciate Thanksgiving as a holiday the most. We all need that continual reminder that we need to be thankful.  The funny thing is that the times we need to be the most thankful are the times we are most likely to forget.  Well, at least that's how it is for me. What do we need to do to continually remember to be thankful.  That will be different for each of us of course, so we'll need to find that ... [ Read More ]

When He Seems Far Away

As a mom I'm busy. Running errands, caring for the house, children, husband; you name it I seem to be in charge of making it happen. Not only is this a challenging and sometimes overwhelming task, it can also often crowd out many other things in life that keep a mom sane. If you feel like God is far away, I can guarantee you it isn't because He wants to be. Let me tell you though, I feel this way often and cry out wondering where He has gone. Then I realize that all the while it was me that ... [ Read More ]

When it Rains

There are definitely times in life that it feels like it's raining...then there's the times that rain becomes a deluge. I'm really not a big believer in the whole "when it rains it pours" theory, but I have to admit that sometimes it feels that way. That is my life right now. Don't worry, I'm not planning on getting all discouraging on you, but I do want to keep it real.  I struggle, just like every other mom I know.  Life doesn't always go according to plan and sometimes things feel like ... [ Read More ]